Roots Of Textile Industry

The importance of textile industry in contributing to the economy can never be denied. With many changes in the world, the use of cloth is getting widespread. The current scenario indicates the importance of cloth industry. Various cloth materials are being utilized in various purposes, from bed sheets to grand piano covers, from pillow coverings to curtains etc. It was later when our keyboards wanted a grand piano cover but earlier on, the basic purpose was to make clothing for the humans.

There is a myth that the early people used to dress with plants and leaves. In fact, the history tells that the clothes played important part in their social ethics. This was highlighted from the images of the huge humans who use to wear the skin coverings of the feral animals. When we go back to 180,000 years, we can see the evidences of archaeology which tells that the people of old age were also in the use of textile. The history briefs out that the clothing of that time was not properly stitched but it was used as a basic covering to swathe the body. It was about 50,000 years ago when the needles got discovered and the stitching came into proper recognition. This indicates that there was also some discovery of a fabric which clicked the human minds to discover needles.

There is always a conflict between the archeologists on giving a fixed date of the discovery but still they have found a threading of colored flax filament which brings them to a common ground. The date of this ancient discovery is declared to be as 35,000 B.P. Going 24,000 years back, we can also see the finding of an old dummy of Venus. It was the starting statue that showed a clear silhouette of the portrayal of cloth. Hats and straps are included in the attires and garments of early times. Weaving metal sticks which were later called as needles were discovered in the same epoch. This brought more enthusiasm to the stitchery community.

Today, many people think that the earliest cloth was the wool, but actually it was not like the same wool which we use today. It was in 9000 BC when the woven clothing got cultivated in the farms of North East. This was the same time when linen became famous in Egypt. It was in the normal use of early Egyptians. They valued the linen stitches and called it an art of stitch work of that time. It became a common cloth wear in Egypt and the rulers of the region used to wear it as a form of symbol for their people.

In the current age, we can clearly see the growth of textile industry. New fashions with unique designs in cloth wear have added more worth to the textile industry. The cloth wear industries have hit the charts of global trade. Today the world’s economy is very dependent on the natural cloth producers. This shows the importance of today’s cloth producers as they play a major part in the economic reform of the world.